Interview with The Opera Teen!

Hello, lovelies! This post was a little late in coming, but it is worth it because this week I talked to The Opera Teen!

This kid is seriously super cool. He continually impresses me with his knowledge of and experience with opera. It is so close to his heart, and so I had to feature him on here. 🙂

Metropolitan opera house

Where The Teen can be found.

 Have you always grown up around opera and classical music?
Not really. Nobody in my family (save my grandfather) listened to classical music with any regularity. There was never a stigma attached to liking classical music, but I wasn’t surrounded with music when I was younger.

What made you decide to blog about opera?
I had always wanted to blog about something, but I never knew what. The idea to blog about opera just sort of popped into my head because it was unique and it was something I was passionate about and wanted to learn more about.

Do you think that blogging and social media will open up new opportunities for people to learn about opera and the fine arts?
YES! Opera isn’t on TV all the time, and not everybody has the time or money to get to the opera house. The way that the internet and social media has opened up new opportunities for people to learn and connect about the fine arts around the world. It’s easier to learn more about opera, talk to other opera fans, and watch opera performances because of the online opera communities.

Do you think younger people will get more and more interested in opera as time goes on?
Yes, assuming companies try to work hard to corner that market. However, there’s still a LONG ways to go before any, average, ordinary child asks to go to an opera instead of a football game.

What do you think opera companies could do to open themselves up to a younger audience?
I think they could make it a lot easier for students to get involved. Operas could be free and companies could do more outreach to schools. Also, like Florida Grand Opera, it would be really interesting if a bigger, national company could start a student group.

Have you come across any trouble or general weirdness from other opera patrons because of your age? Snide looks from people in the Members Only section count!
Not for the most part, however I have gotten some weird looks from people at press counters at various performances. As long as you’re a respectful audience member, it shouldn’t really matter. At each performance, we’re just a group of people who have gathered together to enjoy opera. We’re all in this together.

Where are you planning to take your blog in the future?
I’ve thought about this A LOT. I’d like to continue my blog through adulthood, but I’d have to change the name. I’m thinking something like “Opera Guy! If I ever become GM of the Met or hold any position in an opera company, I’d like it to be a diary where people can follow the progress and inner workings of an opera company.

How many opera performances (live and filmed) would you say you see a year?
Probably around 75… Most of my free time is spent watching or listening to clips or performances on YouTube.

And finally, the questions I ask everyone…

Inaugural Opera Show (details please!): Tell me your first-ever opera show!

Cavalleria Rusticana/Pagliacci at the Met on April 10, 2009. It was with Jose Cura doing both Canio and Turridu and Ildiko Komlosi stood out to me as Santuzza. It’s such a happy memory and I did a COMPLETE writeup about it on my blog. (Search: My First Opera Experience)
Favorite Female Singer: Anna Netrebko

Favorite Male Singer: Hmm… Piotr Beczala or Ildar Abdrazakov

Most Memorable Ensemble Moment: The Easter Chorus in Cavalleria or the Confrontation in Maria Stuarda in January.

Most “WTF, Opera?!” Moment: At Caramoor last summer, Eglise Gutierrez sang the most beautiful interpolated high note and my mouth dropped open.

The opera I am waiting for: I’m waiting for someone to stage Rusalka like it’s Catcher in the Rye. Imagine how interesting that could be!

Rusalka performance

A very different “Rusalka” performance…

Yeah, this guy sucks. And I look up to him, which is really what opera’s all about. 🙂


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